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wood looking tiles
12 x 24 inch fllor tile tips
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Tile mastic or thin set for installing floor tiles ?


glass tile
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Proberbly installing floor tiles
stone and concrete refinishing
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Proberbly installing floor tiles

wood looking tiles

Wood loking tiles are great. the are super durable and will not scratch or fade over time. heres a great tip when installing them. Make sure your installer does not set the tiles no more than a 30 % offset due to the nature of these tiles this offset will minimize lips 

Tile mastic or thin set for installing floor tiles ?

When installing tiles on the floor although some mastic manufactures claim glue is ok on walls and floor,  read the limitations. I always use thin set that is made for the paticular  tile or  stone I am installing on the floors ALWAYS .......To many  risks with mastic or glue on floors
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