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Stone refinishing vs replacing
wood looking tiles
12 x 24 inch fllor tile tips
installing glass tiles
Tile mastic or thin set for installing floor tiles ?


glass tile
large formate floor tile advise
Proberbly installing floor tiles
stone and concrete refinishing
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Stone refinishing vs replacing

Stone and concrete restoration sometime is a great alternate to ripping up old floor to replace. Before replacing I would strongly suggest getting a couple of refinishing prices first. This may get you the results you want with a major savings. 

wood looking tiles

Wood loking tiles are great. the are super durable and will not scratch or fade over time. heres a great tip when installing them. Make sure your installer does not set the tiles no more than a 30 % offset due to the nature of these tiles this offset will minimize lips 

12 x 24 inch fllor tile tips

The 12 x24 inch tile has become a very popular choice of late. These tiles look awesome if set properly. before you install them in the popular 50% off set ( brick pattern ) please check with the manufacturer if this pattern is recomended. a lot of them do not advise it 

installing glass tiles

when installing glass tiles make sure you chose an installer that has experience in glass tile for it is a completely different installing method, it could be a disaster if you don't do it properly

Tile mastic or thin set for installing floor tiles ?

When installing tiles on the floor although some mastic manufactures claim glue is ok on walls and floor,  read the limitations. I always use thin set that is made for the paticular  tile or  stone I am installing on the floors ALWAYS .......To many  risks with mastic or glue on floors

Happy with my new tiles

Thank your for installing my tiles in our kitchen, You were clean showed up on time every day and do great work please use us as a referance
Brenda Colarusso

tile work

Thanks for coming out and pricing our job and giving us your web site adress we love your job pictures and can't wait for you to get started on our job

Kitchen floor tile

Darin made our kitchen floor beautiful, Thank you :)
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